Published: April 2019

Why Purchasing a Used Vehicle Makes Good Sense

Considering the purchase of a used vehicle has a tremendous upside. Amongst the many valuable attributes are either no monthly payments or very little in monthly payments, the opportunity to do research on the pluses and minuses of that older vehicle, and with little effort in detailing could eventually sold for more or as much as your investment.

Additional consideration is the value you are getting for the dollar spent. An older model can be a daily driver, a weekend car to haul camping gear or a work car for work related tasks. It is the optimal solution for not being under the stress of an interior that might not be as polished as a newer vehicle or having a whoops moment because of a small ding.

Let’s not forget the great value you are obtaining for your hard earned dollar. The affordability of a used luxury, sport or limited edition vehicle that might have features such as four wheel drive is noteworthy. Consider that many car company’s vehicle designs change little from year to year. For instance, a Lexus IS350 from 2007 looks very similar to the 2010 model because there were not any major changes to body style. If you are a consumer with a limited budget but with more expensive tastes, a used vehicle is the perfect solution.

You can further save money if you think about other life changing scenarios such as if one of your teenagers is about to obtain a license. We all realize that young and inexperienced drivers often have fender benders while they mature as drivers. Insurance costs are lower for older pre-loved vehicles, which helps keep some cash in their Parent’s wallets. Or, how about the child going to college and needs a good on gas vehicle that does not need to look like it just came off the showroom floor to get around and perhaps to visit their Parents once in a while.

Buying a used vehicle makes sense which ever way you look at it. After all, those dollars saved can bulk up your savings account, assist with your teen’s insurance and perhaps down the line generate a nice stack of dollars for a special treat for you and your Family.