Published: November 2022

The Results Will Pay out

There are many ways to sell your car, and if you take a quick moment to look on the internet or any give car magazine, you’ll see countless ways to do so. But while most of them cover the basics, getting a detail job, how to act when talking to a prospective buyer, and advertising. A great many of them neglect to cover the small details that can really help you make a sale. But what are these details you might ask? Millions of dollars are spent every year by various third-party companies just to answer this very question, and many of their findings can be vital when it come to selling a car.

Much of the advice available on how to sell a car can be vague at the very best cleaning your car can mean any of a hundred things. But while most sellers will give a car the old once over, perhaps a quick washing and a vacuuming of the interior. You should instead be going over every square inch of the vehicle, leaving no stone unturned in your quest to get it clean and presentable.

Smell is a vital thing when attempting to connect with a buyer why do you think grocery stores leave all of that enticing produce, bakery, and deli items near their entrances? It’s because of the associations that customers will build in their minds when they walk into the store, and these associations can not only encourage them to buy more than then had originally planned, but return for more as well. Selling a car is really no different. If your vehicle has a clean, fresh smell, that enticing aroma of “new” might prove too compelling for a buyer to resist.

But that cleanliness should not only extend to the vehicle you’re trying to sell- the area it’s being presented in should be just as clean and inviting. A clean driveway or lot, spotless bathrooms, and the like should also help to drive a sale, as they present a professional atmosphere, even for a private seller. After all, if a buyer arrives at a home with the intention of possibly buying a car and notices upon arriving that the place is a mess – uncut grass, toys scatters everywhere, garbage cans overflowing – he or she might think twice about dealing with you for sure.

When undertaking something as important as selling a car, it’s vital to make the extra effort to ensure it is as presentable and inviting as possible, it really doesn’t take that much extra time, and the results will pay out massive dividends in the long run.