Published: April 2020

Teen Dreams, Purchasing Their First Car

Purchasing a vehicle for your teenager is a roller coaster ride of imagination (on their part) and a contest of wills between Parent and a child that is basking in a daydream state of anticipation and expectation.

Teenagers all across the globe take that first real step of independent action when saving for the chariot of their dreams or hearing the words from a Parent that help is on the way to purchase that chariot. Have you noticed with those few words your offspring has totally focused on that one statement of ‘help’ to see how fast they can chip in with household chores? Heartwarming is the manner in which they seek your advice in the purchase of the car of their dreams. Heady is the warmth of the conversations that evolve around the foray into a purchase of their very own vehicle and the sharing of your own memories of your own first vehicle.

Reality sets in for your teen once the practical aspects of purchasing a vehicle are accepted by your teenager. A further realization for them is that they are going to have to pony up the money for insurance and maintenance. Do they really need a sunroof, spoiler, rust proofing, lift kits or off road tires. Where is all that imaginary money of their dreams going to come from?

Hopefully they have performed their own due diligence with the ins and outs of maintenance and know how to change a tire in an emergency. They have assessed what any future costs might be and budgeted for them

When the purchase of your teen’s chariot is completed be prepared to forgo the heady conversations around vehicle ownership that you enjoyed so much. You might just have a fleeting glimpse of them at the dinner table once they have experienced the thrill of independence by having their own wheels.

Once the newness of this experience has worn off for your teen they might rely on you to assist in setting up a plan for ongoing maintenance. This is a perfect way to get reacquainted with your son or daughter. Mentor them well, set the service schedules for oil and fluid changes, tire pressure and general assessments and expect them to be responsible for that care. Sharing experiences of your teenage years and early car purchases sets the stage for some companionable conversations that can be built into long lasting memories for your teenager.

Assisting with the purchase of a vehicle for your teen might be a little nerve wracking for the Parent, the dividends are greatly worthwhile. Recall when your child took their first steps or said their first words and how proud you were. Guiding them through the perils of independently purchasing a vehicle and discussing their responsibility towards the care of that vehicle is a monumental way of showing trust in their judgments.