Published: June 2019

Purchasing a Vehicle i.e. The Thrill of the Hunt

Go ahead! Reward yourself with the excitement of a good hunt for the best vehicle for you and stimulate the economy while doing so. The Republic of America is the best country in the entire world and the car manufacturers in the USA just might surpass all others in design, construction and durability. Americans are known for their creativeness and innovation which lead to more choices for every aspect of American life.

You can afford to be selective with so many choices in car make and design, extras, mileage, and colors. It’s a buyers market for good, used pre-loved vehicles and opportunities abound for that perfect car experience.

Local new and used car lots are an excellent way to become informed about vehicles and the price spread amongst different models and years. Checking out local advertisements or some of the on line car selling sites further inform.

Keeping a list and checking it twice is extremely beneficial to your bottom line. What you have learned about price differentials through the aforementioned information channels will save you money in the long run. Be aware that manager’s specials are sometimes not so special and that a salespersons paycheck is a direct result of the commission they receive from your car purchase. Prepare to obtain all vehicle representations in writing with clearly written financial terms and guarantees. Don’t be afraid to question the small print. Despite any pressure you might feel, walk away and then take a day or two going over the representations and financial details before making a decision. Be very aware that any deposit you might make on your vehicle choice will not necessarily be deducted and in some egregious cases just might end up not returnable. The strongest word in the English language is a simple ‘NO’.

Many car buyers begin their search on the internet and with a few keystrokes can diligently research their options. Make sure you really scrutinize all photographs, request more information or clarity on any answers before you make an appointment to see the vehicle. Tamp down that enthusiasm a bit and research through CARFAX for that vehicle’s report.

Another excellent consideration for your vehicle purchase is buying FSOB or For Sale By Owner. Usually it will be a positive purchase especially if you already know the person selling the car and you are aware of the vehicle’s history. That face to face experience on the owner’s home turf can result in an easy buying process and eliminates attempting to work with an unknown person and showroom. Time and effort will be saved. It is also a fairly safe bet that the person is trustworthy and the car will live up to the seller’s declarations of worth.

Thus, due diligence is the parameter for all your research during the Thrill of the Hunt for your car purchase. Your additional reward will be the knowledge that you were selective, responsible and have chosen a really worthwhile vehicle that meets your needs and saves you dollars as well. All in all a win, win situation for you.