Published: Septemper 2019

Buying or Selling a Vehicle Can Be a Profit Sharing Experience

The invention of the automobile in 1884 by a German inventor named Gottlieb Diamler began the miraculous journey of a technology that traversed the Atlantic to inspire the inventor Henry Ford. From that point in 1904 to the present day cars have become synonymous to the way Americans live, work, play and explore.

This freedom of travel created an amazing market for start up dealerships to promote the buying and selling of many classes of automobiles in the 1920’s and 30’s. Sometimes they were just Mom and Pop operations that influenced the marketing phenomenon of vehicle possession. This circumstance led to car enthusiasts organizing and demanding better design, superior driving attributes and vastly improved mileage.

The creation of this demand for vehicles was exploited and expanded upon by the marketing abilities of the Sellers, the Collectors and the Dealerships. The message that every household needed a car was a promise for the growth of an industry, the resultant status of the new owner and encouragement for a variety of new industries to be created. All in support of the love affair that Americans had with the automobile then and now. m

Profiting from the dynamic of a now mobile America has created a distinct community of enthralled car buyers. These buyers have done their research and are anxious to begin their personal adventure towards the prize of a new or used vehicle. Present day sellers are ready to market their new or pre-loved cars and invariably find just the right buyer. A scenario that creates profit sharing opportunities for the buyer who profits from the sellers historical knowledge of the vehicle and the seller who emerges to profit from the dollars gained by the transaction.