Published: September 2019

The Accomplishment of Purchasing Your First Car = Memories in the Making!

Purchasing your first car is a milestone event in a person’s life. The thrill and excitement of owning your own set of wheels rates highly on your personal scale of achievements. A highly rated time for you but perhaps not surpassed by other life events such as the birth of your child or the purchase of your first home. However, still an experience that is just as unforgettable and a precious memory in future years. All of these events could be considered a rite of passage from youthful dreams to real time experiences.

This Author’s own personal memory of her first car and his exhilaration at being the recipient of a treasured dream follows.

We owned a farm and learned early on how to plow, drive a stick shift and fix any mechanical problems. I had often bugged my Dad about purchasing my very own vehicle with the extra money I made from some part time work at a neighbor’s farm and mowing the lawns at the local golf course. He must have been really tired of hearing my whining for years because when I turned sixteen some surprising events unfolded.

It was at this time I was just getting underway in my junior year of High School, learning to shave a spotty beard, and beginning to enjoy the company of the opposite sex. After arriving home from school just after my Birthday, I discovered my Father was home and waiting in the kitchen for me. This was mysterious as that had never happened before. My Dad, as all farmers do, always find work that needs to be accomplished yesterday. Of course I wondered why he was home. Imagine my surprise when he said he wanted to speak to me in private. Was someone sick, did I forget one of my chores? Those were the thoughts that went through my mind. Naturally I was expecting some bad news and it was a relief when he said he had a surprise for me.

My Dad mentioned that he had spoken to one of his gear head buddies and had found the perfect car for me at his buddies shop. Respecting his good taste in vehicles and his knowledge of all things mechanical I was thrilled to learn that we could go visit his buddy right then and there. When we pulled into the shop we parked along a 1970 fastback Mustang with gleaming chrome bumpers and a spotless black paint job. I was simply blown away.

That Mustang had all the right muscles in all the right places just like a handsome boy. Spoilers, hood scoop, louvers on the rear window, air shocks, wide Cragar chrome rims, and a leather interior. Popping the hood revealed the high output Boss302 engine and the Top Loader 4-speed transmission. My Dad’s buddy explained that this car was set for the drags, but was also perfectly fine for a sixteen year old kid. I was in Love!!

It took me all of three seconds to decide I had to have her. But now came the difficult part. Convincing my Mother, who as Mother’s tend to be, was always worried about safety and my wellbeing. My Father and I approached that problem as a team effort and we finally won her over. Personally, I always thought she would have preferred something just a little more ladylike for her only Daughter.

The next day at school seemed to be the longest school day in history. Finally we were ready to pick up the vehicle and head over to the shop. My Dad’s buddy signed over the title right on the hood of the car. All that time spent earning money at the golf course mowing and helping out at the neighbor’s farm really paid off for me. Of course Dad was the first to drive this beauty as he said the car as ‘cold blooded’ which was simply a ruse to be the first one behind the wheel of my new acquisition.

We get the engine started and drive off the lot. I am checking out the interior when all of a sudden my Father revs up all four barrels of the carburetor. Four gears later and 70 m.p.h. I am wondering what I got myself into.

That Mustang accompanied me on many adventures for nearly twenty years. Dad and I spent many enjoyable hours keeping it maintained and adding extras to it such as a Hurst shifter. Those memorable hours we spent under the hood of that first car will be forever etched on my heart. My Daughter’s son now has my Mustang. He keeps it gleaming and maintained and uses it for special outings. That first car keeps making memories for our Family. How special is that? I wish the same for you.