Published: April 2019

Every Dollar Counts

Your junk car could get you a fair amount of cash and you should know how to sell it to the right buyer. Here’s how to do it.

So you have a junk car lying in your garage for years and don’t know what to do with it? If you look and ask around, getting rid of it and getting a good price for it can be easy provided if you know how to do it. It’s actually quite simple and some basic knowledge about the process will help you reap the dividends instead of giving your car away.

Remember that what may be a junk car to you, could be worth gold to the right buyer. Your car’s spare parts are very valuable in the used cars business. The buyer, therefore, stands to gain by selling the parts separately and making extra money before sending it to the junk yard. So get to know your car’s parts well so that you can ask for a fair price.

Take your junk car to the scrap yard personally yourself so that you can save on towing costs. Since scrap yards operate on the principle of paying by the car’s weight, the heavier your car is, the better the price. Also remember that donating your car does not give you any tax benefits anymore and selling off your car will only help you earn some extra money.

You can also contact junk car companies to get a decent price for your junk car as salvage yards will be only too happy to pay you the minimum price. A junk car buyer on the other hand, may give you a premium price if your vehicle is a classic and can be brought back to running condition which they will later sell at auctions for a premium price. It is also wise to check out a few people who salvage cars in the locality and get quotes for the best possible price. They might even offer to inspect your car free of cost and give you a correct evaluation of it in terms of the metals value and also the value of spare parts.

It is always prudent to quote a fair price to a person who salvages without being greedy. The ideal price to quote would be something less than sixty five per cent of what they can make by reselling the junk car. Over quoting your price never helps as you will never be able to close the deal successfully. You could also get in touch with car parts buyers separately if you see that your car’s parts are in fairly good shape and can command a decent price. Selling on a piece by piece basis could also earn you a few extra bucks. It sure is easy to get it towed away for free and get it out of your yard.