Published: November 2022

Everyone Has Their Own Thing

Whether it’s a brand of coffee, gum, or beer, people tend to find what attracts them at the expense of other similar things. That is human nature. And of course, this truth also applies to the cars we drive. Whether for work or pleasure, battered or shiny, cars are associated with many memories. But like all good things, cars eventually wear out and need to be replaced. That is an unfortunate fact.

But is brand loyalty to automakers still necessary today? You used to meet people who called themselves “Chevrolet” or “Ford” (even when there were no cars involved!). Car production technology has advanced to the point where every model, foreign or domestic, is made in the most reliable and efficiently possible. Brand loyalty is never harmful, but given these facts, is brand loyalty still necessary?

But if you like something, it’s reliable, and above all, it fits within your budget, does it matter that you choose a car according to the manufacturer? That’s comparing apples to oranges, if you ask me. However, the recent resurgence of US automakers has made this point moot.

However, for some people, brand loyalty still reigns supreme, and anyway, their favorite brand, like Dodge, is still cooling the tires in the driveway. Of course, if you are on the same level, you should choose the car you like the most and, of course, buy it.

Aside from brand loyalty, there is of course one factor that influences buying a car more than a particular manufacturer’s name on the bumper: the price. Simply put, for most people, purchasing a car should be within their realistic spending limits. To achieve this, factors other than reliability must be taken into account, such as fuel consumption, insurance premiums, and maintenance. As the economic recovery slows, these factors will become less important, but for now they should be taken into account.

But otherwise, you have to use common sense and intuition when buying a car, coupled with the knowledge of what makes you happy and what drives you as a person.