Published: April 2019

Good Bye Old Friend

All cars have a shelf life and their structures weaken after sometime and there is not other option but to scrap them and go for a new car using junk car removal. There is a correct way for junk car removal and you could end up selling things for more than their weight’s worth and make a lot of money.

Junk car removal is a process every old car has to go through when its time comes. Cars undergo a lot of wear and tear and preventive maintenance can prolong the life of a car. But in the end, cars must be inevitably scrapped. All the bumps and jolts will have created irreparable stress fractures in the chassis and the car won’t be road worthy anymore. It will take simply too much time and money for repairs and it is better to simply go for a newer, more fuel efficient car than to kick a dead horse.

Junk car removal is necessary because, first of all, the car occupies a lot of real estate. It is not something you can stow away in your attic, it will take up a lot of space in your garage and it will be a waste of public space if it is out in the streets. So better to take it to the scrap yard where it can be recycled. And recycling is the only way to go, metal is becoming scarce and expensive as more and more metal is being used up for the increasing number of cars and buildings all over the world.

For proper junk car removal, you first have to strip down the car and salvage anything that is usable. Sell off the seats, the spare tire, the tires, alloy wheels of there are any. Take of everything that is non-metallic. The glass windows and windshields should go for a good price. And of course the stereo system always commands a good price. Just because the car has to be scrapped doesn’t mean it is totally useless. There are several parts inside that car that are worth more than their scrap weight. For example, engine blocks can be sold. They will be re-bored and reused. There are several such parts that can be salvaged. You will know if you are mechanically inclined.

On the other hand there is another way for junk car removal. Just give away the car as is, where is, and let the people at the scrap yard take care of all the salvaging and stripping. Just drive around asking and give it off to whoever quotes the highest price. You may not get as good a price as you would if you sell those thing yourself, but then again you will save a lot of time and saving time means saving money so its all the same thing in the end when you use junk car removal.