Published: January 2019

Precautionary Measures to Consider when Selling a Car

There is a time under the sun for everything including selling your vehicle. This could be for financial considerations, the need for reliability or perhaps just because another model caught your eye. Whatever the motivation make sure you do some research before putting up the For Sale sign on your car. Do educate yourself on the worth of your vehicle so you are not taken advantage of by a prospective buyer.

Your research could begin at which will give you the fair market value of your vehicle and will assist in achieving an asking price. No matter how endearing your vehicle has been to you over the years, it is not going to be worth what you deem it to be in your heart of hearts. So, be honest in your evaluation and list all the equipment options it has. Find the high and the low end value and set the price somewhere in the middle. If the buyer has also been diligent in their research you should be able to negotiate a fair price quickly.

Screening prospective buyers by asking for their driver’s license and insurance cards before test driving is a smart move. Then go with them whether there is doubt or not. You want to protect yourself and the security of your vehicle. Do not hesitate to accompany them on their test drive of your used car. We have all heard the horrible stories of unscrupulous people stealing a vehicle under the guise of test driving it. Be safe, secure and in possession. Taking a photo copy of the information the prospective buyer gave to you or noting it and handing it over to another person for safeguarding before you accompany him/her on that test drive is a worthwhile cautionary move.

I suggest not selling your vehicle to a friend or co-worker. It may seem like a good idea but more often then not it can turn a good relationship into a difficult one. Even when both parties are cognizant of the terms of the sale no one can guarantee how a used vehicle is going to respond to a different driver. Is that worth the risk of a fellow employee’s ire which will affect the atmosphere of the work environment? Can a friendship withstand the feeling that one of the parties were purposefully taken advantage of even if they were not?

Finally the most important aspect of selling your used vehicle is to simply be honest. Approaching any transaction with integrity is always applauded and remembered. That buyer of your used vehicle just might be a repeat buyer because of the truthfulness of your presentation about that vehicle. We all are aware of the value of a good reputation and honoring that in your marketing is always a winner. Good results which guarantee successful transactions are priceless.