Published: October 2019

All Cars Must Come to an End

Scrapping a car is inevitable and all cars must come to an end unless it happens to be a car worth preserving for aesthetic or vintage value. But old cars will have a weak structure and won’t be roadworthy and must be scrapped and there is a correct procedure for going about it.

Scrapping a car is inevitable, all cars will reach this end eventually. Cars undergo routine and sporadic maintenance and repair work throughout their life but sometimes, cars can get irreparable stress fractures and there is no option but to scrap them. Sometimes, it is economical to just get rid of the car, accepting the fact that nothing more can be done to it.

There is a procedure to scrapping a car. First of all, you will have to strip down the car, sell anything and everything that is usable. Sell the stereo system, the electrical, lights, fittings, even the seats. Sell anything that is non-metallic. One thing that will get you a good price is the alloy wheels. The tires can also be resold if they are in reasonably good condition. Even if they are unusable, the tires can still be recycled and made into new tires. And get rid of all the glass – mirrors, windows, windshields, all these can be sold. Before you tow the car out to the scrap yard, make sure you drain out all the liquids. All the fuel in the tank should be drained out or you risk starting a fire or even causing an explosion when the car is compacted. Also make sure you drain out all the engine oil and any other liquids that might be in there like lubricating oil for the disc brakes and radiator fluid.

So how much can you get for scrapping a car? That depends on a lot of factors. First of all, there is the size of the car. There is more material to scrap in a large station wagon than there is in a small compact car, but size does not always dictate how much you get from a car. There is also the question of what is usable in the car. Sometimes, parts like engine blocks and crankshafts and camshafts might still be in usable condition and these will sell for more than scrap value.

And while scrapping a car, there is also the question of what material the car is made of. Most modern cars use aluminum and prices differ for aluminum and steel. And the magnesium alloy wheels will also command a good price. At the scrap yard, they will weigh the car and pay you the price for it. But some of those things will be worth more than their weight and if you feel it is worth your time, you can take those things out prior to weighing the car and sell them by yourself. It’s much easier to just sell your car at a premium price to a junk car buyer. Let them worry about what to do with it later.