Published: November 2022

A Win Win Situation

This great country of ours has always favored the spirit of the entrepreneur, and because people in the United States are always buying and selling cars, it would only make sense for those with an entrepreneurial leaning to get in on the action. Selling a car requires no special license or training, just about anyone can do it if they have the gumption and smarts. Whether it’s a part-time or full-time endeavor, just about anyone can put a few bucks in their wallets by getting in on the pre-owed vehicle sales scene.

If you’re already gainfully employed, selling a car on the side can be a great way to supplement your income. If you already have a car of your own that you’re looking to unload, that can be a great starting point, however, it’s not the only one available to you. For a low piece, one can purchase a solid, second-hand car and fix it up, after a nice bit of maintenance and a good spit-shine, your car is now ready to be flipped for a handsome profit. It’s a proven and reliable way of making money, as the plethora of car-selling reality shows on TV can attest to. Any car manufactured in the last decade will probably still be in good condition, so choose your initial purchase carefully (and be sure to bring your haggling skills) and you might not even have to put much money into it before flipping.

Before you make your first sale, make sure to go over every aspect of the car to make sure that it’s up to snuff, while there is no liability on your part once a car is sold regarding safety considerations, anyone with a clear conscience would never want to sell someone an unsafe vehicle. Carefully inspect the steering and braking systems, the fluid levels, the tires, and anything else that can stand some maintenance, if your skills are not up to the task, employ the services of a qualified automotive mechanic. While it might cost a few bucks for any repairs to the vehicle, it’ just good business to always put the safety and satisfaction of the customer first.

Likewise, if the engine itself has any issues, such as fluid leaks, be sure to have this properly repaired as well. Inspect the belts and hoses and replace any that are showing significant signs of wear and tear. Also give the car a good detailing job, with an exterior wash and wax and a solid vacuuming of the interior. Yes, this will cost you yet more money, but in the early going of your car-selling career, establishing a reputation for selling quality vehicles is paramount, and in the long run, the money you shell out now will pay major dividends in the future when your positive word-of-mouth gives you almost more business than you can handle.

Be sure to check local state laws to find out how often you can sell cars before having to be registered as an official dealer, however, on average, one can at least sell one or two cars a month with no legal hassle, and the difference to your bank account will be impressive once your reputation is established and the sales ball gets rolling. Just be sure to keep all important documents pertaining to the ownership and maintenance of the vehicle you’re selling on-hand and always deal fairly and professionally with your customers and you’ll be a success.

Selling cars on your own can serve several beneficial needs- it can add to your monthly income, fulfill the vehicle-related needs of someone who might very much need it, and it will help to stimulate the economy as well. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.