Published: November 2022

Not a Bad Way to Earn a Few Extra Bucks

Do you have a rusty old car that is taking up too much space on your property? Maybe you have a wrecked car you want to get rid of properly. Or maybe you have a car you want to give away because you no longer need it. There are several scrap, waste, or salvage companies that will be happy to take the car from you and pay you in cash. If your car works, you can drive it to these yards or even tow it away if necessary. If you can’t tow your car or drive it to the facility, some yards offer a towing service that will pick it up for you. Depending on the company, you will not have to pay for the towing, but they will also not compensate you for the weight of the scrap metal. This is usually at the discretion of the owner.

If you want to make money by scrapping your car, there are several factors that go into determining how much you will get back. Owners can set their own prices, which usually depend on the scrap metal market. They can range from USD 50 per tonne to more. However, they will look carefully at any extra weight stored in your car. For example, waste or non-metallic items stored in the truck bed should be removed before the weighing. It is advisable to check the car carefully and remove all personal items. Check your luggage compartment to ensure that you have not forgotten any valuables.

Disposing of your car for cash is not only good for you but also for the environment. Before a company scraps your car, they remove all the hazardous materials. Gas, oil, liquids, tanks, and containers are disposed of properly. There are strict environmental regulations that these companies must comply with by law.

The best source for finding a dismantling company for your car is to look in the white or yellow pages. You can also use an Internet search engine to find local companies. Good search terms are: salvage, scrap, scrap metal or dismantling yards.

So the answer is: Yes, you can sell your vehicle. Get rid of your waste and put money in your pocket! Not to mention that this type of car sale is good for the environment – it’s not a bad way to earn a few extra bucks.