Published: November 2022

A Vehicle History Report Offers Protection

Vehicle history reports, such as CarFax, are invaluable to buyers when purchasing a used car. While it can be easy for an unscrupulous seller to cover up past problems with a car, a certified vehicle history report can give buyers the peace of mind they need to proceed with a sale with confidence.

If a seller has done all the right things to prepare for a potential sale, such as inspecting, cleaning and maintaining the car, but is struggling to close a deal, they may have overlooked an important aspect of making their vehicle as attractive as possible. Providing a vehicle a history report, even if such a report highlights a few negative aspects of the vehicle, can help gain your customers’ trust.

A dent in your car’s history report won’t deter potential buyers, especially if your report detailedly describes the exact nature of the incident and, just as importantly, the steps taken to ensure the car was repaired and brought back to 100%. A buyer will appreciate your openness and transparency in this situation and is likely to be pleased that the problems have been resolved, which could lead to a potential sale.

You can combine the confidence generated by a vehicle history report with further confirmation of your honesty by offering to have the vehicle checked by a mechanic of the buyer’s choice, reinforcing the evidence that you are an honest seller who is not afraid to stand behind the vehicle on offer. Confidence in you in such a situation is likely to be increased tenfold, thus increasing the chances of a sale.

A vehicle history report can also protect the seller: If damage to a vehicle from a previous incident or accident has not been repaired for any reason and the sale is advertised as “as is”, you can use the impeccable information in the vehicle history report to confirm this if a buyer goes into the transaction with his eyes wide open and then backs out.

A vehicle history report offers protection, confidence and security to both parties in the car’s sale. If you always have a vehicle history report, you find that your transactions go much more smoothly than if you did not.