Published: March 2019

Winter Car Buying I.e. Do We Have to Be Practical?

Winter can seem like forever and in our neck of the woods, or should I say endless fields, as it lasts a good seven months. Cabin fever sets in, fantasies brew and dreams ignite.

Using that tractor to push snow out of the way is a chilly and ice laden enterprise that quickly gets tiresome. Pushing that snow blower and getting hit with frosty bits of snow while working on clearing the walkway is not my idea of fun winter work. All the tedious winter projects just increase my longing for spring and the warm sometimes lazy days of summer.

Splurging is a human feel good endeavor. When the seed books for spring planting arrive along with catalogs of new farm equipment I prefer to indulge myself by forgoing the practical. Just for a while I dream of that perfect vehicle for summer cruisin.

I am thinking heat, top down, wind in your hair sports car! This is called thinking out of the box, putting a little twist on a car buying adventure or going for it. Before you think this Author has lost her mind, remember that the best time to buy a sports car is in the middle of winter. In all probability it will be in paid storage or taking up needed room in someone’s garage. Of course the owner is also paying for insurance and perhaps car payments. The timing is perfect, now I just have to convince Dwayne that the deal I might find will outweigh any added expense. His response ‘Go for it, Babe’ is perfect. Now turning that dream into a reality can begin.

Classifieds were circled, online sites checked and I found the perfect vehicle. Now the fun begins. I have always thought a 95 Miata MX-5 would be an awesome summer drive. Miata’s are known for their Japanese durability and reliability and they also drive like the best tradition of British sports cars. Of course it would have to be in bright red with leather upholstery. Impossible you say.!! Envision the Dream and it will happen is the Credo which always guides my actions. Very empowering.

Two months later found at last in a neighboring state and way under the sales listed in Bring Your Trailer which averaged around $31,000.00. This edition was a hardtop, turbo charged with intercooler, KYB adjustable shocks, complete urethane bushings, BBS wheels and a roll bar. Dwayne was as excited as I was at this find and said he would install lowering springs and a few other accompaniments to make this Miata stand out from the crowd. Final price 12,500 from an owner that said it had been sitting in his garage since his Son moved out west. We sealed the deal and planned on coming back to trailer it to its winter den the next day. There the real fun would begin by getting it ready for its first outing in warmer weather. After bringing it home, we carefully put a mat on the hood and broke two emptied glasses of champagne over the hood to celebrate. Rest assured it will be 100 perfect when my Grease Stud Buddy gets finished with going over it. He said I not only saved him money with this new toy but seeing his Mae so happy made him really pleased. What a Sweetheart! We named her ‘Amore’. I know it’s corny but it sums up how we feel.

Buying a car in the midst of winter, and a sports car at that, makes perfect sense to those who think outside of the box. Who knows? Maybe in the dog days of summer we will go snowmobile shopping.