A Brief Look at the Mercury Mystique

The History and Evolution of the Mercury Mystique

The Mercury Mystique was a mid-sized sedan that was produced by the Mercury division of Ford Motor Company between 1995 and 2000. It was part of the Ford CDW27 platform which also included the Ford Contour and the European-market Ford Mondeo. The Mystique was intended to be a more upscale version of the Contour and was marketed towards a more mature and sophisticated audience. Over the years, the Mystique went through many changes, and each generation had its own unique characteristics and features that set it apart from the others. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history and evolution of the Mercury Mystique.

The First Generation

The first generation of the Mercury Mystique was introduced in 1995 and was produced until 1997. This generation was available in two trims: the base GS and the upscale LS. The Mystique shared its 106.5-inch wheelbase with the Ford Contour, but it had a slightly different exterior design that was more sophisticated and upscale. The Mystique featured a distinctive Mercury grille and a more rounded and elegant body style that helped set it apart from the other CDW27 vehicles.

Under the hood, the first generation Mystique was powered by either a 2.0-liter inline-four engine that produced 125 horsepower or a 2.5-liter V6 engine that produced 170 horsepower. The base GS trim was only available with the inline-four engine, while the LS trim came with the V6 engine as standard equipment.

The first generation Mystique was well-received by critics and customers alike, who appreciated its refined styling, comfortable interior, and enjoyable driving experience. However, there were some issues with reliability and durability, which hurt the car’s reputation over time.

The Second Generation

The second generation of the Mercury Mystique was introduced in 1998 and was produced until 2000. This generation featured some significant changes and improvements over the first generation, including a new exterior design, more powerful engines, and better overall performance.

The second generation Mystique was available in four trims: the base GS, the mid-level LS, the sporty GS Sport, and the luxury-oriented LS Premium. All trims had the option of either a 2.0-liter inline-four engine or a 2.5-liter V6 engine, with the V6 being the standard engine on the LS Premium trim.

The exterior design of the second generation Mystique was sleeker and more aerodynamic than the first generation, with a sculpted hood, rounded fenders, and a revised grille. The interior was also updated with a more modern and functional dashboard, higher-quality materials, and improved ergonomics.

Performance-wise, the second generation Mystique was more powerful and dynamic than its predecessor. The base inline-four engine produced 130 horsepower, while the V6 engine produced 170 horsepower. The GS Sport trim featured a high-performance suspension, unique wheels, and a slightly more powerful V6 engine that produced 195 horsepower.

Overall, the second generation Mystique was a significant improvement over the first generation and was considered a more versatile and refined sedan that offered good value for its price.

The Mystique’s Legacy

Despite its short production life, the Mercury Mystique made its mark on the automotive industry and remains a memorable vehicle for those who owned or drove one. The Mystique’s sophisticated styling, competitive performance, and comfortable interior made it stand out among its competitors and helped it carve out a niche in the mid-sized sedan market.

The Mystique was eventually succeeded by the Mercury Milan in 2006, but its legacy lives on as a reminder of Mercury’s commitment to innovation and style. Today, the Mystique is considered a rare and collectible vehicle, with enthusiasts appreciating its unique features and history.

The Mercury Mystique was a stylish, capable, and dynamic sedan that went through many changes over its short production life. From the refined sophistication of the first generation to the powerful performance of the second generation, the Mystique was always a standout vehicle that offered something unique and special. Despite its limitations and challenges, the Mystique remains an important part of Mercury’s legacy and a classic example of the mid-sized sedan genre.


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