Recovery Agents • Get a bigger piece of the pie, you deserve it!

Earn an Extra $250 to $400 per unit

Instead of sending cars to physical auctions for sale, recoveries can be auctioned online to wholesale buyers directly from the recovery agent’s lot, reducing remarketing time and expense by allowing the recovery service provider to offer full value-added recovery and remarketing services.

Remarketing through RunBidSell is better for the lender.

Reduced remarketing channel costs

Greater market visibility for their units

Increased transparency in process

Remarketing through RunBidSell is better for the recovery agent

Retain, attract and grow clients

Increase revenue per unit from value added services

Become a one-stop, full-service recovery and remarketing provider

What does it cost?
RunBidSell doesn’t charge a sell fee or membership fees.

How much will I make?
That’s up to you. You can charge whatever you want, it’s your business. A fee of  $250 to $400 per unit is less cost for a lender than a psychical auction.

What a finance company will save by using your remarketing service? A car sent to auction by a finance company faces issues that diminish profit. You will increase there profit.

Auctions will limit vehicle auction runs to 2, maybe 3 times through the lane. At the conclusion of the third run, the finance company has to take the highest “IF” bid or transport to a different auction.

These vehicles are sold with “IF” bids. The auction calls the finance company after the auction to let them know what the “IF” bids were. “IF” bids always attract less bidders. If a dealer commits to an “IF” bid, his money is committed to that bid until the auction calls to let him know if he won the bid or not. A dealer with say a 50k buying budget for that day, committing to too many “IF” bids can end up with a percentage of his buying budget not being utilized, which results in less profit. A good wholesaler will concentrate on vehicles he can win in the lane, and save “IF” bidding on vehicles well below market.

Lack of location targeting. Finance companies lose when they lack location targeting.


Example of a repossessed vehicle with a $10,000 wholesale value

Physical Auction:

Recovery Fee = $350

Auction Transport =$75

Auction Fees = $600


Diminished Value (IF Bids, lack of location targeting, limited runs) = -10% (Actually higher)

Total Net:  $7975


Your Recovery Fee = $350

Auction Transport =$0

Auction Fees = $0

Your Remarketing Fee = $300

Total Net: $ 9350

Additional Profit for Lender: $1375



Vehicles ready for remarketing.

Have clients agree to remarket through your company


Dedicated account manager

Dedicated Sales page for your inventory

Partner Referral service

Wholesale Buyers for your vehicles


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