RunBidSell is committed to making our website’s content accessible to everyone. We currently meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) AA requirements. This aids those who suffer from vision issues, motor impairments, various degrees of visual and cognitive disabilities.

We support making websites accessible for all users, and feel we’ve achieved this through AA standards set by WCAG 2.0. On a continual basis, we are monitoring the changes on our website to maintain these standards.

Despite our best efforts to allow anyone to adjust the website to their needs, there may still be pages or sections that are not fully accessible, are in the process of becoming accessible, or are lacking an adequate technological solution to make them accessible. It is an ongoing process to bring all areas of the site up to the same level of overall web accessibility, so in the meantime should you experience any difficulty in accessing the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.