RunBidSell Dealers Auto Auction • Buy & Sell Inventory 24/7

Buy and sell inventory 24/7 without the inconvenience and expense of traditional wholesale channels. Increase profits with zero sell fees, unlimited auctions, no auction transport costs, and reduced buying and selling risks.

Dealer auto auctions on RunBidSell

Automotive Dealers

Sell Fresh Trades Quick, without the hassle of traditional wholesaling. Say goodbye to auction transport and sell fees. Buy inventory 24/7 with less risk.

Independent Dealer Auctions

Sell unsold units between onsite auctions. Expand market reach, gain additional exposure, and gain new customers.

Recovery Providers

Get a bigger piece of the pie, you deserve it! Earn an Extra $250 to $400 per unit. Here’s How

Captive Finance

Connect to the Dealers you love and keep inventory moving. Give dealers immediate access to your vehicles on a daily basis when inventory becomes available. Don’t miss opportunities. Get them online and move them quick with zero fees.

Off Fleet, Off Rental, and Off Lease

Bring you inventory to new audiences and be seen by more buyers. Maximize profits with unlimited Runs, Unlimited Auctions, and Zero Fees

Credit Unions

Remove retail selling issues by selling directly to licensed dealers. Offer buying Dealers financing options for there customers. RunBidSell offers in house Auction Reps exclusively to CUs at no charge.




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RunBidSell is classified as a Dealer Only Auto Auction. Only licensed Dealers can both purchase and sell vehicles. Sell only accounts are available to verifiable Manufacturers, Off Lease, Off Fleet and Off Rental Companies, Credit Unions, Recovery Providers, Financial Institutions, Wholesale Auctions and Government Agencies.