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RunBidSell brings together Automotive Dealers, Manufacturers, Off Lease, Off Fleet and Rental Companies, Repossession Providers, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions, Wholesale Auto Auctions and Government Agencies online to buy and sell wholesale inventory.

Selling on RunBidSell is The Way To Go!

Zero Sell Fees

Increase Inventory Exposure

Zero Membership Fees

No Auction Transport Issues

Unlimited Runs

Unlimited Auctions

Reduced Remarketing Costs

Large Network of Buyers

Geo Targeting

Move Fresh Trades Quick

Gain New Wholesale Buyers

Dedicated Auction Lane


Choose Payment Methods

Built for businesses big and small. Choose how you get paid, Cash, Floorplan, Wire or Bank Check.

Dedicated Auction Lane

Every account gets there very own store, which works as a dedicated auction lane. Allow current and new buyers to view and bid on inventory. Gain additional exposure for your business and attract new customers. Target Local, Nationwide, Developing or weak markets. GEO Target vehicles to more profitable areas. See Sam's wholesale operation for an example.

Your're In Control

Keep titles and vehicles in your possession until paid.


Buying on RunBidSell is The Way To Go!

Zero Membership Fees

Multiple Dealer Agents OK

No Escrow Holds

Reduce Acquisition Costs

Inspect Before You Pay Available

No Crazy Arbitration Policies

Buy 24/7

No "Title Attached" listings

Proxy Bidding


Ready to start?

Only state licensed Automotive Dealers can both purchase and sell vehicles. Sell only accounts are available for Manufacturers, Lease, Fleet and Rental Companies, Credit Unions, Recovery Providers, Financial Institutions, Wholesale Auto Auctions and Government Agencies.