Please keep these guidelines in mind

These guidelines have been established to ensure a seamless auction experience for Dealers. They are geared towards promoting transparency, fairness, and a high standard of professionalism during the auction process. These guidelines outline the arbitration policies, conditions under which a vehicle can be subject to arbitration, conditions exempted from arbitration, and the policy for returning vehicles. Familiarizing yourself with these rules will ensure that the auction process at RunBidSell is a positive experience for all involved.


  • Selling dealers must take full responsibility for all information on titles and reassignments, which includes filling out all sections related to odometer readings.
  • In the interests of compliance, we require that the titles and ownership documents for all sold cars be processed through our official office.
  • As a safeguard for Dealers, the right to reject a car is reserved if  “title attached” isn’t announced on the auction listing.
  • RunBidSell understands that errors can occur, and therefore, in the event of a clerical mistake or incomplete documentation concerning the title, we request a reasonable time frame to rectify the error after being notified.
  • Please note that RunBidSell cannot be held accountable for mailed titles that fail to reach their destination.
  • We reserve the right to decline the sale of any vehicle in which the vehicle identification plate is either missing, marred, or tampered with in any form.
  • All vehicles classified as salvage, flood damaged, or gray market must be sold under the yellow light. It is mandatory that these conditions to be announced.
  • In the interests of fair business practices, all sales made outside or off the block must be finalized through RunBidSell’s authorized channels, with the condition that all such sales will fall under the “AS-IS” category.
  • It is important to note that RunBidSell does not guarantee the year of manufacture for house trailers, motor homes, boats, boat motors, antiques, dune buggies, motorcycles, or reconstructed vehicles.
  • For Auction access, and at vehicle pickup, it is required for all dealers to provide a valid I.D. for identification and security purposes.




A. SUBJECT TO ARBITRATION (Unless otherwise specified)

  • Instances of motor defects or excessive noises.
  • Issues pertaining to the transmission, clutch, or rear end.
  • Any instance of frame damage or excessive frame or floor rust, whether repaired or not, needs to be announced.
  • Brake-related problems that render the vehicle unsafe to drive, as determined by arbitration.
  • Front end complications that result in the vehicle being deemed unsafe to drive by arbitration.



  • Occurrences of leaking or wet transmissions.
  • Frame damage resulting from normal use (including scratches, scrapes, minor dents, not resulting from accident-related incidents).
  • Any unexplained repair that costs less than $1,000.00.
  • Visible components such as bodywork, paintwork, tires, upholstery, glass, and more.



The purchaser reserves the right to return a vehicle to the selling Dealer if it is discovered to harbor any of the following undisclosed defects:

  • Undeclared flood damage, livery services, or police operations.
  • Any incidence of frame damage or excessive frame or floor rust, regardless of whether it has been repaired or not, must be declared.
  • If the vehicle is labeled as TMU (True miles unknown).
  • In cases involving a mechanic’s lien.
  • Undisclosed salvage, rebuilt, or total loss.
  • The presence of unibody damage or other structural impairments.
  • Fire-related damage to the vehicle.
  • Odometer discrepancies.
  • Instances where airbags have been deployed and/or labeled such as by autocheck
  • Vehicles classified as “Lemons”.