Find Junkyards in Every USA State

Sell your old car, recycle metal, or find parts. We have info about junkyards in every state, including contact details. RunBidSell helps you connect with local junkyards to make car disposal and recycling easy.


Tips for Using Junkyards

  1. Prepare Your Vehicle: Remove personal items. Drain oil, coolant, and gas. Remove hazardous materials. This makes it safer and easier to handle.
  2. Research Junkyards: Check junkyards near you. Look at location, services, and reviews. Find the best one for your needs.
  3. Inspect Parts: When buying parts, check for quality. Look for damage. Ask for help if needed. Make sure the parts fit your car.
  4. Negotiate Prices: Ask for a better price. Walk away if the price isn’t right. You can save money this way.


Importance of Local Junkyards for Local Economies

Local junkyards help the local economy in many ways:

  • Job Creation: Junkyards provide local jobs. This includes jobs for mechanics, sales staff, and office workers.
  • Revenue Generation: They help the economy by paying taxes. This supports local services.
  • Recycling and Sustainability: Junkyards recycle parts. This reduces waste and helps the environment by saving resources.


FAQs about Junkyards

  1. How do I sell my vehicle to a junkyard? Contact junkyards and ask about their process. Give details about your car to get an offer. They will tell you how much they will pay.
  2. What types of vehicles do junkyards accept? They take cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Some also take motorcycles and RVs. They accept most vehicles, no matter the condition.
  3. Do I need a title to sell my vehicle to a junkyard? Yes, a title is usually needed. It proves you own the car. This is important for the sale.
  4. Will I receive payment for my vehicle? Yes, most junkyards pay for cars. The amount depends on the condition and demand for parts. You will get paid when they take your car.
  5. Do junkyards offer towing services? Many junkyards tow cars that can’t be driven. Some offer free towing. Others may charge a fee. Ask about towing when you contact them.


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